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Jezebel - she was no belle
So what -  she wore red to her virgin bed
If you faint from such lack of restraint
Hell, that ain’t nothin’, wait ...for the denouement

Jezebel – she was some broad
You’d bet her whims were such that you couldn’t afford
If you had the chutzpah to approach her
Sure she’d give as good and reproach yer

Jezebel – darling from Hell
Think you got what it takes to keep her before back down she fell?
I’m talkin’ all the way down
So holler !

Jezebel – ballbreaker times ten
She’d break ‘em ten times then do it ten more times again
Be grateful she’s not into quadruple numerals
Hallelujah! Amen!

Jezebel – femme-fatale extraordinaire
She’d do what she does don’t matter if you’re a
Gigolo, a bum, a priest or a trillionaire

Jezebel – that’s Jezzie to who
She’s gonna deign a hullo
To some Mister’s hullabaloo

Jezebel – did I mention her already?
Once you start to talk about her
Your tongue just can’t keep steady

Jezebel – don’t it help to pass the time?
Whiling away the dregs of the day
Enshrining her in rhyme

Jezebel – funloving funster
As wanton boy’s are we to her flies
As easy on the eye as Herman Munster

Jezebel – high priestess of Zen
This babe was born great, achieved greatness
Thrust her greatness upon men


from IT IS NOT, released May 12, 2009




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