It Is Not

from by Metalycée




It is not that ye are hot or cold
That I spit ye out of my mouth
It is that ye are lukewarm

It is not that ye are bad or broke
That I doubled the guard dogs at my gate
It is that you‘re a hyena masquerading as a clown

It is not that you’re a pimp or a bore
That I wore my chastity belt to bed
It’s that you lap-danced on Venus’ mound

It is not that you put my foetus in the oven
And a dog’s head in my womb
It’s that you fathered a mongrel hound

It is not that you played soccer with my parents heads
And Russian roulette with the heads that were left
It is that your sperm count was so low it made me howl

It is not that you fucked up my life for good
And kept pushing the hope button to boot
It is that your boot was only an old rubber Jim boot and it stank foul

It’s not that you sang: “God is dead
And Lucifer got him drunk and rooted him till he bled”
It’s that you only hummed it and not even loud

It’s not that you’re anti-life, anti-hope, or a dope
That I aimed the razor slingshot at your head
It’s that you smiled your wan smile instead

It’s not that I ripped out my heart for you
And stuck it together with super-less super glue
It’s that you let me down

It’s not that I shriek this shrill song of you
And you don’t even know it’s about you
It’s that the ache goes ‘round and ‘round

It is not that the Hell that I saw
Was much more than you saw in your war
It is just that your wound was not raw

It is not that you begged me to wait
Till millenium's passed through our gate
It is just that it's late it's too late it's too late


from IT IS NOT, released May 12, 2009
Bernhard Breuer: Drums
Nik Hummer: Trautonium
Melita Jurisic: Vocals
Matija Schellander: Bass
Armin Steiner: Syntesiser

written and produced by metalycée at sakog and rochuspark 2007/2008
mixed by metalycee at soundstudio - academy of visual arts vienna
mastered by martin siewert at motone soundservices




all rights reserved



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